Serket Admin replied

92 weeks ago

In the last few weeks I've been updating our forum's front page a bit! I'm going to explain what's new and how to use them!

The navigation bar at the top and the side has changed - I've hidden the raid tracker and alliance chat as they were unusued. Discord Server's sticky post in the forums gets its own link now! There's also a link to the picture album up there.

Albums! The front page picture loop pulls from the "Random Screenshot Album!". If you want your picture on the front page, upload it to that album! Members can make new albums too, if they want. :D

Dev Blog got it's own little section, for lazy finding of news posts.

Discord widget lets you see who is on our discord server! It updates when you refresh the page and is pretty fast. If you want to connect to it and are a member, hit the "Discord Server" thing at the top (or left!) and go from there. If you aren't a member and want to join it, hit up a member for an invite link!

And finally the Agenda thing in the bottom right plugs into our Schedule (on the top bar) - if you have a thing you want to plan out, you can make a new event there!

Serket Admin replied

83 weeks ago

Added a link to the FC House Directory for members. It was too many clicks to get to something useful.
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